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Is it OK to say, `The Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week'?

If you want to include an individual's name with titles like `Queen', `King', `Prime Minister' and `President', then you normally don't use the definite article `the'. For example, we do not say, `The Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. We can either say, `The Queen drank coffee' or `Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. Your sentence is therefore wrong. You can either say, `The Nattammai visited Chennai last week' or `Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week.'

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taste a MARATHON in your Life Time !!

Hi Everyone.. I am really writing this after a very long gap and here I  am gonna to say, How anyone gets benefits of running a marathon.  Now a days most of us knows about the benefits and make use most of it. But still I would like to share my experience of a long run.

 When I started running as part of my routine (i meant 4 days a week) workout for running a marathon, during my first day I couldn't run more than a 0.5 km and I felt body ache, calf muscle cramps, and thought of giving up. But event though I ran few distance on that day, I felt active for rest of the day. Then I came to know that's the way running (magic) works.

Then from that day onwards I found out how running could improves the body metabolism.  Here I am talking about long run/marathon not a small sprint.  You will feel good when the body sweat a lot and it means you are hot :), when you warm up or work out. So the best way to get start is, by slow jog for every day for a stipulated time. By slow jogging you could understand your body to find out how far and how long you could run, so from there you could increase the time and distance.  When you are in the long run, you can feel the adrenaline rush that’s keeps you motivating. That’s test of runners endurance.

When I planned to start the preparation for a marathon, I did not have idea for half/full marathon because the run may mess you up completely, without the proper preparation. So I decided to start from 10 KM and after a 30 days preparation(diet/work out). Diet is one of the primary thing you should really work on it and you anyone can find the right one during the preparation in web. I have completed my Wipro Chennai Marathon by 1:02 minutes and that’s my PB :) (personal best) . There are lot of blogs, training guidelines available in the web and make use of it.

I hope every one in their life time would have a memory of running a marathon.

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