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Is it OK to say, `The Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week'?

If you want to include an individual's name with titles like `Queen', `King', `Prime Minister' and `President', then you normally don't use the definite article `the'. For example, we do not say, `The Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. We can either say, `The Queen drank coffee' or `Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. Your sentence is therefore wrong. You can either say, `The Nattammai visited Chennai last week' or `Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week.'

Monday, January 16, 2012

After a long hiaTuS..

Hi guYs.. AFter a long hiatus i am wrting in my bLoG.. Don't know what to scribble here.. But still something insists me to do.. From now onwards
I knew everyone busy doing their own things , lookin after their own family, always looking hardly whats BIG NEXT ????? It still goes
on from a long time. Even me doin the same .. its the spirit of living...

Not every one But some think about our friends or what they are doing or what they are upto once, in a blue moon... I have noticed abrupt changes
how we have started moving with life .Even i don't know how and why these changes are happening.

I feel good when i was thinking how i was in school and college and all these because of my friends who made it nostalgic moments. But now everyone
at one corner and we are all getting together at some occasions like birhtday , engagement , their sister|borther's marriage ,or sometimes in our friends marriage.

After some years even these won't be possible and don't know how we will be ? But I feel.., will be like before Who knows..

One more thing i wanna share here , this new year i went to OoTy with my school friends those who studied with me from 4th standard.. We stayed in a deep jungle
when thane cycle hits tamilnadu. we all were like frozen monkeys on thaose three days.. those three days are unforgettable.. Most of us are high on all the
three days excpet three of us...

I wish everyone should live life happily ....

Stay in touch is the last thing i could hardly say..

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