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Is it OK to say, `The Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week'?

If you want to include an individual's name with titles like `Queen', `King', `Prime Minister' and `President', then you normally don't use the definite article `the'. For example, we do not say, `The Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. We can either say, `The Queen drank coffee' or `Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. Your sentence is therefore wrong. You can either say, `The Nattammai visited Chennai last week' or `Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week.'

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rajni at HIMALAYAS...

He is REAL hero in Real life too.... have a look this folks...

Rajini's simplicity now its shown to all over the world. Here some snaps took by our friends when they around him.It shows how he is in real life.

He says , meditation is my strength and achieved many things through that. It helps him a lot. He is a common man and he is always down to earth.He is boon to world of cinemas.

Simplicity is the key achieve great heights.. The way he walks , talks and making fun in their way of acting is awesome.No one can replace rajini in the cine industry.

There are many good things to learn from him. Many can say his age restricts him to act effectively but when he is in front of the screen, every screen itself sees him with different style.

Here we go with some photos that we took during his journey towards to the Great Himalayas along with his friends..

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