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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The way how i got in to corporate of STERIA india ltd

Hi guys ..
First i wanna thank my parents , god and FRIENDS who supported me to achieve this. I have got lots and lots experience before attending interview in STERIA.If i wanna say approximately i have stepped into nearly 30 MNC'S and in all those companies chucked out when once i finished written itself and most of the times i thought its very hard for me get through these interview by clearing all. Then i decided to do some funny malpractices like copying from some one to clear but all those things didn't workout for me.

So at last i decided to do on my own even and i started preparing for all the things that needed for the interview. ALL OF US MUST KNOW ONE THING IN THEIR LIFE.. EXPERIENCE GUIDES ONESELF TO LEAD THEIR LIFE IN A SUCCESSFUL WAY..

After attending few interviews i got few things that i have to change the way of cracking it. STERIA on 13- September -2010 reporting time in RMK engineering college was 8:30 but me though reached there by 10:30. They started conducting their interview process by 11 only , so its became easy for me to attend.

*Written (aps and tech)
*Technical Round 1
*Technical Round 2
In written as usual i thought i didn't perform well and i thought soon after the result we would catch the train and leave that as soon as possible but unfortunately i have got through written out of 116, 66 have cleared it and i am one of them.

In GD , its my favorite things in interview even though i am talking well they won't select guys and most of the preference would go towards girls side and then we guys slowly walk out side with funny face (better luck next GD).. but this GD favored to us and we got through to the second round

In HR .. they have tested my flexibility and told me about the companies policy and few things related to it..

In Tech 1.. i don't know his name but he quite good , fair and talking to me well and he asked some questions from CV but i could give him correct answer but he asked me about volley ball and then we were talking about it for few minutes. Then he asked me about my family , why don't you do your fathers occupation( agriculture) and i said some thing about my interest and finally i have asked him about WHAT ALL ARE THINGS I NEED TO IMPROVE BEFORE JOINING OUR COMPANY and for that he abruptly replied first change your CV from next interviews
i started laughing for that.. then i thought oh this interview is gone so we can chase the next one and started moving to my room.. but they have called me for the next tech round
He saw me yesterday and asked when did you join STERIA .. is the one who interviewed in Tech round 1..

In Tech 2.. this is laxman pillai who was interviewed me on that. he is one of the nice in STERIA.he asked some basics things in TESTING and RDBMS.. I have answered it.

This was the time all our heart beats were heard to the one who was sitting near to us, we have waited for the results.. i haven't had thought of getting selected in STERIA and in the cool environment me frequently went for pee...

even at the time of results i was in toilet and when i am coming back one of my class mate(ANU) and DHANUSH from RMK told me that are you guhan ,they have called your name " from that time onwards i was on cloud nine for the whole night "

i wanna say something to all, if you wanna do something this is the thing i can do it, keep trying until you reach that , never ever give up ..

thank you everyone who supported me knowingly or unknowingly to get into STERIA...

isn’t funny when you hear it !!


Karthick N said...

nice macha...

Guhansaravanan said...

danx macha.. macha take care of ur health and study well

ACL said...

hey guyz .... I too got placed yesterday at Steria ... after a 5 round process ... the technicals rounds were awesome ... and i finished my BE ECE at RMD engg coll this year ...

P.SRIRAM said...

actually i attended campus interview of steria 1 and half month b4.... but till knw they didnt announce the result do u y???

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