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Is it OK to say, `The Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week'?

If you want to include an individual's name with titles like `Queen', `King', `Prime Minister' and `President', then you normally don't use the definite article `the'. For example, we do not say, `The Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. We can either say, `The Queen drank coffee' or `Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. Your sentence is therefore wrong. You can either say, `The Nattammai visited Chennai last week' or `Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week.'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to crack (IIT, UPSC etc) competency Exams !!!

Cracking the entrance exams like
Only brainy’s will do this. What about others, do all are having the same brain if its so? Then how would the institutions accommodate all? Now the questions will arise here. That’s why they found out some competency exams like I have mentioned above, only some book worms and some brainy's can do that. So here is the way that I created and developed from my ancestors. They have developed this way for cracking any type of competency exams. This technique has helped many who are reading this fabulous blog. Let’s talk about the technique developed by our ancestors. I don’t know how many of us knew about this technique.

Let’s go with malpractice (copying, bit, etc) how about these guys, if we do this with confidence we could crack what ever may be the things were. If we remember correctly we have started this when we were six years old. I didn’t mean that we are doing wrong things, it’s all in the way how others are watching us. Nothing is illegal until we get caught. So be confident in whatever we are doing. Friends are the ones who help us in any type of situations. So let’s go with friends. Those who are brainy and obsessed with books just ignore this post, others follow this and lead a happy life. Have a nice time ahead…..

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