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Is it OK to say, `The Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week'?

If you want to include an individual's name with titles like `Queen', `King', `Prime Minister' and `President', then you normally don't use the definite article `the'. For example, we do not say, `The Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. We can either say, `The Queen drank coffee' or `Queen Elizabeth drank coffee'. Your sentence is therefore wrong. You can either say, `The Nattammai visited Chennai last week' or `Nattammai Achuthan visited Chennai last week.'

Monday, May 17, 2010

Biggest shopping in UPK rockers history..

Always we used to do window shopping, but now we spent nearly SIX THOUSAND BUCKS on this day for our RULES akkaz marriage.our shopping started at 11 am in the morning went up to nearly seven hours. usually we will buy non branded , but now we rolled on branded.Lee, Levis,Signature,Ruggers,etc.... Then after shopping we got tired and went to arun ice creams and had fig and honey, musk melon, swiss almond , and wrote some in visitors book (all about UPK rockers..) and then for after noon lunch in NALLAS chrompet. we thought of hitting ANJAPPAR but we guys wont have non veg so we came to nallas.
we didn't stop by with this again we started to hit some stores to buy it continues up to five o clock in evening and we did some stupid and crazy stuffs with the guys who working in those shopping mall and at last Mr BALA joined us while we returning.
The master mind behind this great shopping is nothing but GUHAN ,he spared his valuable time to this small shopping.

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